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Timeless, versatile, editorial presets



presets for lightroom desktop

Natural, timeless results with creamy skin tones and rich colours

CREATE consistent and timeless EDITS FOR YOUR CLIENTS

As a UK wedding photographer, I've tackled all sorts of tricky lighting and scenarios (think orange reception lighting, vibrant UK green grass and harshly lit ceremonies in midday sun). 

I've crafted these Lightroom presets to be versatile for any lighting scenario whilst still achieving consistency and enhancing your photos in a natural and flattering way. 

With a focus on natural skin tones, they are ideal for portraiture, lifestyle and wedding photography.

the vibe

Slighty warm undertones
Rich greens
True to colour
Soft creamy highlights

What's included?

6 colour presets
3 black and white presets
grain modifiers
'watch me edit' video tutorial



Incredibly versatile natural edit with creamy slightly warm highlights


Natural base, with cooler greens and a slightly cool undertone


Cooler greens, rich skin tones, perfect for more of a film look


Punchier contrast with brighter whites and deeper shadows. Perfect for flash photography


The perfect warm golden hour preset. Option to includes a subtle radial flare for that golden pop which I love to use for photos with a sun flare


Softer contrast for dreamier and creamier tones

B&W / moody

A moodier more contrasty edit. Perfect for images with deep shadows and bright whites

B&W / Film

A nostalgic black and white edit with a timeless grainy and film vibe

black and white PRESETS

B&W / silver

Softer contrast and darker shadows - effortlessly nostalgic

bethany smith photography

“Laura’s presets are just beautiful! They remain true to life in colour but with the most gorgeous tones that suit a huge range of environments. They’re perfect for accurate skin tones & allow you to adjust WB manually to suit your own style preference. I couldn’t believe how much I loved them in comparison to my old edit, they’ve made my images look so much cleaner and sharper! Also the colours just look infinitely better. The black and white presets are just as amazing. I feel they have a fine art, editorial edge to them which is just perfect! I am so so pleased and can’t wait to start editing weddings with them 🤍🤍 thanks Laura!!”

Anna Cunnell photography

I reached out to Laura regarding her presets. She kindly offered to edit a couple of my raws and she literally done that straight away! I then was sold I just loved the clean look and something I was trying to achieve with my current preset.
Laura's video which she sent also is a great watch and learn from it!
Besides everything, Laura was super helpful and lovely about it and plus her own work is amazing!!!
Thank you Laura xx



 How easy are the presets to use?

What software do i need?

Do I need to shoot RAW?

    Do they work on different camera brands?


These presets are super easy and versatile to use on all sorts of different lighting and settings. Often it's a one-click edit. However sometimes achieving the perfect edit may involve needing to tweak 'exposure' and/or the 'white balance' as these presets do NOT touch these settings. This is because they are affected by the lighting, time of day, how you shoot and also it's down to the photographer's personal taste.

Lightroom Desktop is required to install and use these presets.

Yes! These presets have been tested on various different RAW files from different camera brands and they all work beautifully.

Yes, these presets have been designed to be used on RAW files. Shooting in RAW allows you to get the most out of your images and will give you the best results when editing.

Due to the nature of the digital products, these products are non-refundable.

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